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WMI Tutorial – I

WMI Flow

While developing scripts (not restricted to QTP/UFT), we all sometimes need to know the version of MS Office, Operating System version etc to handle different scenarios programmatically. To know the system properties, there is a technique called WMI provided by Microsoft inbuilt in its operating system ‘Windows’. In the next few posts, I will introduce you to WMI.

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How to clean invisible characters from string using VBScript

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How to prevent “Restore your Session” dialog box after being restarted on crashing?

We, as an Automation Testers, while automating Web Application must have faced browser crash due to which, after restarting Internet Explorer comes an dialog box which asks to: Either Restore Last Session or Go to Home Page (screenshot below) Now,

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How to create Registry key if it does not exists?

In one of my previous post, I posted about how to read and modify the Registry Settings using VBScript/QTP. But, this only works if Registry Key/SubKey (that you intends to read/modify) already exists. In this post, first we will look

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How to Connect to Remote Machine with VBScript ?

Many a times we need to execute a QTP script on a (virtual) machine. Now in order for this script to run, the machine should be logged in. In case it is not, you can use the following method that

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How to Read Command Line Output with VBScript ?

We can read the output of a command which is executed on the command prompt with VBS. As an application of this concept, I used it to find out the IP address of a website and check whether its down

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How to clear cookies in Firefox ?

There is no straightforward way to clear cookies in Firefox through QTP. Using sendkeys to simulate how we do it manually seemed ridiculously out of the question, so I came up with the following code after doing some research :-

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