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How to Find MS Office version with QTP/VBS ?

The following code can be used to find out the office version :- Dim regEntryOffice regEntryOffice =”HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Excel.Application\CurVer\” If WshShell.RegRead (regEntryOffice)=”Excel.Application.12″ Then Environment.Value(“OfficeVersion”)=”2007″ Elseif WshShell.RegRead (regEntryOffice)=”Excel.Application.14″ Then Environment.Value(“OfficeVersion”)=”2010″ Elseif WshShell.RegRead (regEntryOffice)=”Excel.Application.15″ Then Environment.Value(“OfficeVersion”)=”2013″ End If Happy Automating ! Harshit Kohli

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How to Automate IE without QTP/any Automation tool ?

Automate IE with VBS – We can use a plain and simple VBS file in order to perform basics tasks with IE efficiently and quickly without the use of any automation tool. Here’ s how we can open IE, navigate

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