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Jenkins Training Programme

Jenkins is THE first tool that comes in mind when you talk about Continuous Integration and Deployment and there is no reason why it shouldn’t ! It is by far the most used CI/CD tool in the industry and some

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Code for Maximizing/Minimizing Browsers

There is no Browser.Maximize method in QTP. However, we can use the following workaraound to maximize a browser :- hwnd = Browser(“CreationTime:=0”).Object.HWND    ‘getting the Handle  Window(“hwnd:=” & hwnd).Maximize     ‘Using the maximize method of Window object to maximize

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How to Run QTP Script at Scheduled Time ?

Sometimes you need to run your QTP scripts at a scheduled time. We can use the Windows Task Scheduler in order to accomplish this. In order to do this, we need to understand QTP’s object Model (AOM, as explained in

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How to Run QTP Script in Minimized Machine ?

There is a very simple registry setting which enables us to run QTP when a remote desktop session is minimized. Follow the following steps :- Log in to the computer from which you connect to remote computers (if you are not logged

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How to Automate QTP itself ?

We can use VBScript and automate QTP itself.  The concept that is used is called AOM (Automation Object Model). You are at the correct page if you want to do anything like :- 1. Schedule a QTP script to run

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How to clear cookies in Firefox ?

There is no straightforward way to clear cookies in Firefox through QTP. Using sendkeys to simulate how we do it manually seemed ridiculously out of the question, so I came up with the following code after doing some research :-

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How to Add/Remove Favourites in IE through QTP

I recently came across a situation where I needed to write a script that adds a URL to the IE Favourites. I wasn’t able to find a suitable way to do it until I came across a wonderful method which

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