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Docker Training Programme

Containerization has been rocking the IT world from some time now with Docker leading the way. Docker basically answers questions like – “Its working on Machine 1 but not working on Machine 2”. This magic happens because with Docker, everything

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LeanFT C# Tutorial Part 7 – Using Insight Objects

Insight Object Identification has been one of my favorite features from HP since it was launched with UFT in 2012. I have been using it in a lot of my UFT scripts. In case you are not familiar with this

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LeanFT C# Tutorial Part 5 – Find Child Objects

If you have worked with UFT/QTP, you must be pretty familiar with the ChildObjects method but in case you have not, this method is used to find a collection of objects that match a given set of description properties. For

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LeanFT C# Tutorial Part 3 – Object Identification Center

LeanFT’s object identification center offers features that can give UFT’s object spy a run for its money ! You can invoke it by clicking the “HAT” icon on the Visual Studio toolbar. After the Spy has opened, you can click

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LeanFT C# Tutorial Part 2 – Create First Test

In case you missed on part 1, check it out here. Now that we are familiar with the code skeleton, we can start writing our first test. I’m taking a basic scenario where we are searching for Leanft on my

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LeanFT C# Tutorial Part 1 – Introduction

If you are searching for the Java Tutorial and landed on this page, please click this link. If you are looking for a basic overview of LeanFT, You can check out my post here. This tutorial will basically get you started

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LeanFT – Lets call it “CleanFT” !

HP – Thank You ! From the bottom of my heart 🙂 You have heard the cries of all QTP/UFT developers who demanded nothing but a clean IDE. So Whats LeanFT ? In simple words, its offering UFT’s capabilities in a

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