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Why UFT Needs to Go !

I have finally made up my mind to try to stay away from UFT. I don’t think HP has done justice to QTP after introducing UFT. I clearly remember the first time UFT was launched in 2012, I was like

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How to fix missing menu options in QTP

Many times menu items in QTP don’t show and appear blank (shown in below screenshot) Today, we’ll see how to fix this issue. To fix this issue: Right click on the toolbar (where File, Edit, View etc menu is appearing)

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How to prevent “Restore your Session” dialog box after being restarted on crashing?

We, as an Automation Testers, while automating Web Application must have faced browser crash due to which, after restarting Internet Explorer comes an dialog box which asks to: Either Restore Last Session or Go to Home Page (screenshot below) Now,

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What to do when QTP doesn’t Identify Objects ?

QTP is a mysterious tool. Its been around 3 years that I have been investigating this mystery but still I think there’s a long way to go in solving it.So, you are stuck ! irritated with QTP ? Here are

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How to resolve “Unable to register BHOManager.dll” error while installing QTP after uninstalling UFT 11.5

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Only first row of the DataTable getting executed again and again!!

Sometimes, we all make silly mistakes and so did I !!! One fine day, I was debugging a small script. In that script, I was importing external excel sheet into QTP’s datatable in which there were some values I will write

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Object Spy is not showing properties of pointed object!!

It is inevitable that if you are using QTP, you will come across many weird issues. It happens to me also many times. Once, I was facing the issue that object spy was pointing to  some other object and I

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