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How to connect to Mobile Center Server

In the previous post, I explained the process to install Mobile Center Server. For Mobile Center Introduction and its Architecture, please click on the respective links. Since now Mobile Center Server is installed, we should be able to connect to the

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How to install and configure Mobile Center Server

In the previous posts, I introduced Mobile Center along with its architecture. To use Mobile Center, we need to do at least following steps: Install Mobile Center Server Install Mobile Center Connector (only if we want to use separate machine

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Mobile Center Architecture

Those who are new to Mobile Center, please refer to my previous post about Mobile Center Introduction. We will be covering the high level overview and its architecture in this post. Broadly, Mobile Center has 2 components: Mobile Center Server Mobile

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What is HP Mobile Center ?

Mobile Center is a software solution provided by HP to test mobile applications that integrates with a host of HP Testing tools. Following is the list from HP Site: UFT Lean FT BPT LoadRunner Performance Center ALM Sprinter Network Virtualization

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How to Execute UFT Test Silently

HP provides less known utility along with UFT that also allows user to execute UFT Tests Silently (without opening UFT GUI). Actually, there are 2 ways to achieve this:

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Types of Webservices (REST)

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It is a lightweight alternative to SOAP,RPC etc for data transfer. It uses HTTP as communication medium and mostly JSON as message format.

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Types of Webservices (SOAP)

SOAP is an earlier form of webservice whereas REST is relatively new form of webservice introduced in favor of simplicity and speed. SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol.

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