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Browser Functions not getting invoked in InPrivate Browsing Mode of IE?

Recently, I came across a situation in which I have to automate some scenario on private browsing mode of Internet Explorer (known as InPrivate Browsing). Although browser was getting identified in that mode, browser methods (like navigate,refresh etc) were not

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How to fix missing menu options in QTP

Many times menu items in QTP don’t show and appear blank (shown in below screenshot) Today, we’ll see how to fix this issue. To fix this issue: Right click on the toolbar (where File, Edit, View etc menu is appearing)

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How to clean invisible characters from string using VBScript

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Automating Microsoft Excel Part 4 – How to Automate MS Office Ribbon

If you are banging your head(which I quite frequently do) with GUI Automation of a Microsoft Office application, then this post is a must for you. QTP’s object Spy does not identify any of the Ribbon controls in any Office

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