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How to save file at desired location using QTP

While scripting for web application, one always faces an issue in selecting a folder location to save the file. Suppose, script clicks on download button on the page to download a file) and then presented with the Save as dialog

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How to delete Registry Key using QTP/VBScript?

As I have already talked about How to read/modify and create Registry Settings in previous posts, today I will be talking about how to delete Registry Keys. Again, there are 2 ways to delete Registry Keys: Using VBScript: This method

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How to prevent “Restore your Session” dialog box after being restarted on crashing?

We, as an Automation Testers, while automating Web Application must have faced browser crash due to which, after restarting Internet Explorer comes an dialog box which asks to: Either Restore Last Session or Go to Home Page (screenshot below) Now,

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Automating Microsoft Excel Part 3 – Using Find command through code

Suppose you have an excel file with thousands of rows and you want to look for a particular value. The simple approach of using a for loop to iterate through the rows and look for the value is ineffective in

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How to create Registry key if it does not exists?

In one of my previous post, I posted about how to read and modify the Registry Settings using VBScript/QTP. But, this only works if Registry Key/SubKey (that you intends to read/modify) already exists. In this post, first we will look

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