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How to read and modify Registry Settings from QTP?

Hi, I am back with an Exciting feature of QTP. Sometimes, there are certain settings that you wish that can be configured automatically before running a Test. It also doesn’t make sense to record “activities configuring those settings”. Moreover, if

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How to change settings to run QTP in Hidden and Fast Mode when running tests from QC

Hi all, Today I am going to extend my previous post on Quality Center in which I have told you to run failed case specified number of times. In this post, I am going to tell you how to configure

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How to Create a Client-Server Application with QTP

If you’re wondering why the hell would anyone use QTP to create such an Application ? You’re correct !!! But recently I came across a situation wherein I wanted to receive input from Multiple Users. Approaches I thought of :-

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How to Run failed Test specified number of times from Quality Center

Wondering how to run a failed test ‘n’ number of times…. Today, I will discuss how to do this if you are running test from Quality Center on a remote/local machine.. Just open Quality Center, go to Test Lab section

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Harshit Kohli – Eat, Sleep, Automate, REPEAT !

I’m Harshit Kohli, currently working as Automation Engineer in S&P Capital IQ from April, 2012. Ever since I started my career, I have been involved in automation of various applications and have saved thousands of man hours. I love to eat

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Only first row of the DataTable getting executed again and again!!

Sometimes, we all make silly mistakes and so did I !!! One fine day, I was debugging a small script. In that script, I was importing external excel sheet into QTP’s datatable in which there were some values I will write

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aBoUt mE!! ~ Vijay Gupta

Hi all, My name is Vijay Gupta. Got to taste automation few months back and amazed by the capabilities automation has… Currently working on QTP, however, interested to work on other tools also apart from discovering QTP’s capabilities… When I

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